On this page, I’m displaying a range of valuable resources I’m using or that I have used and that I can absolutely recommend.

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If UK, DE, FR or US is specified in this list, it will contain an affiliate link to resellers in the respective countries.

Tripods and monopods

  • Manfrotto 190XPROB (UK , DE , US , FR )* discontinued, replaced +/- by Manfrotto MT055XPRO3 (UK , DE , US , FR ) *   (see my blog post)
  • Benro Slim TSL08CN00 Carbon Kit with ball head N00 (UK , DE , US , FR ) *   (see my blog post)
  • Cullmann Magnesit Copter Digital Tripod with cb 2.7 Ballhead (UK , DE , US , FR ) *   (see my blog post)
  • Manfrotto 685B Neotec Pro Monopod (UK , DE , US , FR )*   (see my blog post)




Brackets, L-plates, …

  • Neewer Black Metal Quick Release L-Plate Bracket Hand Grip Camera Grip for Fujifilm Fits Arca-Swiss Standard (XT-1) (UK , DE , US , FR )*   (see my blog post)
  • Fittest L-Angled Clamping Plate for Fuji X T2/Arca-Compatible (UK , DE , US , FR )*   (see my blog post)
  • Haoge 140mm Nodal Slide Double Dovetail Focusing Rail Plate with Metal Quick Release Clamp (UK , DE , US , FR )*   (see my blog post)
  • Sunwayfoto DDH-04 Panoramaadapter (UK , DEFR )*   (see my blog post)





  • Please note that the links marked with an * are affiliate links. These may provide my with a small commission, but will not add any cost to your purchases. Thanks for your support.