On this page, I’m displaying a range of valuable resources I’m using or that I have used and that I can absolutely recommend.

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If UK, DE, FR or US is specified in this list, it will contain an affiliate link to resellers in the respective countries.

  • Flash and triggers

  • Cactus V6ii Wireless Flash Transceiver (UK, DE , US , FR ) *
  • Cactus RF-60 X – Flash Universal Wireless (UK, DE , US , FR ) *



  • Light modifiers

  • MagMod Basic Kit (UK, DE , US , FR ) *
  • MagMod MagGrip (UKDE , US , FR ) *


  • Please note that the links marked with an * are affiliate links. These may provide my with a small commission, but will not add any cost to your purchases. Thanks for your support.