On April 19th, 2018, a very hot Thursday, we gathered at the Duerftreff Beim Lis in my home village for a guided photowalk around the village of Roodt-sur-Syre.    (Look here for the German version of this blog post)

The organiser from Duerftreff Beim Lis, Carole Kummer, and myself were happy to find 5 fellow photographers and so we started walking around the area of the railway station.


I challenged all participants to avoid the obvious and go for the details or unusual perspectives. They immediately reacted positively and started kneeling down, hanging around walls or looking into shop windows.

We spent quite a long time at the railway station as everybody started to discover countless details. We talked about challenges for framing, shooting in direct sun light and about photography techniques in general.


Further on, at the “Place Nico Maria Klein”, I challenged participants to find the most interesting angle to shoot the sculpture „Solidarité“ from artist Jean Meis. This was a mere composition exercise, as the time of day and the position of the sun did not allow to take satisfying images and I recommended to come back at a different time of the day.

After this composition exercise, we continued towards the local school and then had a refreshing walk through the forest and finally returned to our starting point.

Happiness and relief

After this more than 3 hour photowalk, everybody was tired and warm, but very happy about the event and the challenge.


All images on this page are taken by myself.

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