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Long daily commutes? Tired of your daily radio program? Optimising time? Then podcasts are a great option for you.

I’ve been an active podcast listener for more than 5 years now. I’m listening when commuting, getting to and from training, on long solo trips, when I went to the fitness studio, sometimes when running or hiking (depending on mymood and the need for quietness)

The big advantage for me is that, whenever I have time and I wan to, I always have something I may listen to and I’m sure it is based on my interests (unlike radio for example).

Screenshot from my iPhone (Overcast app)

So, what am I listening to?

My main focus is photography, but I also enjoy listening to general news features and to business, creativity or internet business related stuff (in English, German French, so the following list is a mix of languages).


I’m a regular listener of

I sometimes listen to

In the past, I regularly listened to

Podcast player App (or „podcatcher“)

In the beginning, I have used Apple’s podcast app. But it simply is not reliable. Updates are not or only irregularly coming in, options are reduced, it is a mess.

My favorite Podcatcher App is „Overcast“. It is available in a free version (ad supported) with an optional in-app purchase (season pass), which remove the ads.

It allows you to subscribe to any podcast, with individual update and deleting settings per podcast (if wanted), all the new features light show notes, chapter markers, even images per chapter or timeline. I use the paid version and it is extremely reliable.

View Overcast on the iTunes App store or scroll the whole category.

2 thoughts on “0007 Podcasts, or how to learn while commuting”

  1. Hello, I’m sure you will receive a million suggestions but you are missing one of he best (well maybe 2). You have plenty of podcast on HOW to take pictures. Some on WHAT to take pictures with but I would like to recommend one on WHY we take pictures. An American podcasts called “On Taking Pictures”. It’s about art, inspiration, motivation and it usually circles back to Photography. Most highly recommended. Oh, and The Candid Frame, but Ibarionex Perello. terrific interviews there. Thanks for your suggestions. I’m going to try some of those out

    1. Hi John,

      thanks for your comment, I appreciate and I’ll check out “On Taking Pictures”. In the last 12-14 months, I listened to a dozen or so editions of The Candid Frame, but I personally didn’t connect. You’re partly right with your impression about “HOW to take picture”, but some of the podcasts (i.e. the Inspiration podcast (PPN) or the Togcast) are more about inspiration and about why.



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