Hi everybody,

my name is Paul Krippler, I’m from Luxembourg (Europe) and I’ve been a photographer for more than 15 years.

You can see my work on my website www.paulkripplerphotography.com.

Over the years, I’ve gained some experience in photography and I’ve learnt a lot from other photographers, be it in workshops or on the internet and by starting my own blog, I would like to pay back for a lot of input I gained this way and share my own experiences with you.

In my blog, I will cover a variety of topics including:

  • my personal projects,
  • my own experiences (including travel),
  • gear and software I’m using or have used,
  • tips, tricks and education in photography,
  • recommendations for events and workshops,
  • links to interesting resources and photographers,
Glennfinnan Jacobite Monument, Scotland
Glennfinnan Jacobite Monument, Scotland

I have not yet set a frequency for my blog posts, so we’ll see how we advance over the first months and then we might fix a regular schedule, if necessary.

As an experiment (and to represent the multilingual environment in Luxembourg), I will try to post my blog in English, German and in Luxembourgish (my mother tongue). You will be able to filter by using the appropriate tags.

I hope you will enjoy my blog and feel free to comment


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